Saturday, 7 February 2015

Transform your business with the startup incubator

Struggle is just amazing, more you run away from it, more it will boomerang. In this era of cut throat market competition, startups galore are struggling to establish themselves as a brand. Plenty of reasons for that!!! Why should established brand allow you to take a pie out of the market share???
Situation becomes worse, when you are from a first generation business family, fresh business graduate, novice in business world. 
On the top of it, there are alarming statistics pertaining to the future of new companies, products, services. A research carried out by leading business school of U.S., Harvard Business School brings forth shocking revelation. The report says: “About 70% of the new businesses fail to perform in the crowded market, driving them towards the closure of the entity. It’s really a very embarrassing scenario. But that’s truth. You just can’t push the truth under the carpet. 

Startup Incubator

What experts say

I do agree optimism is good; however, can we ignore the credible statistics. Should we unanimously put an embargo on the inception of new companies, products, or services???   That can never be the solution. Stop complaining, time to leverage the tried and tested theories!!!  
Experts from industry have been working on theories, plans, which can withstand market challenges, enabling startups to scaleup. One of the tried, and tested theories is  Startup Incubators.  

What’s that magic 

Risk taken without comprehensive planning may boomerang. Calculated risk pays dividend!!! Result shows, companies executing Startup Incubator plan excels in the market, overcoming stiff market competition. Many new companies, first generation businessman render credit of the success of their dream company to the wonderful phenomenon.     
Services being offered 

There are many entities across Europe, America, also in Indian sub-continent, offering a bucket of services, driving businesses towards growth. Here is the list of services offered by such specific entities:  

  • ·   Provide support in developing relevant  documents.
  •  Support in sales and marketing.
  •  Support in nurturing business etiquette.
  •   Support in exploring collaboration.
  •  Sharing comprehensive training. 
  •  Help in exploring mentors.
  •  Provide assistance in business basics.
  •  Help in exploring networking opportunities.  
  • Support in with regulatory compliance.
  • Provide support in intellectual property management and legal counsel.
  •  Support in creating a board of directors.
  •  Managing/ providing support in accounting/ financial management assistance.
  • Guide in accumulating capital, bank loans.
Accomplish your dream at Innovify 
Start exploring the expertise of Innovify!!! If your idea, concept is wonderful, leveraging their expertise, you can realize your dream of running a successful startup.
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