Thursday, 26 February 2015

Questions you should ask before selecting a startup incubator

Mentoring, and guidance if received from an expert with proven track record, can do wonder for businesses. It assumes more significance in the case of new businesses, startups. There are valid, logical reasons for that.
In the case of first generation businessmen, startups mentoring is very important. Why not!!! You know the reasons. Most of the first generation businessmen, startups are devoid of professional experience, pertaining to the management of new businesses, companies, organizations. 
The emergence of startup incubator is a big boon in this concern, enabling businesses across spectrum in channelizing their resources to the optimum, leading to growth. 
startup incubator

Now question arises, why you should strive for a reliable startup incubator. Here are some of the major reasons: 

What services do you expect 
Look, right from the beginning, you should be very much clear, why you want to hire an expert??? Is it for infrastructure support??? Is it to cut down on operational cost??? Is it for mentoring??? What kind of services do you require as an owner of a new business??? 
Are you seriously in need of an expert     
You should be very much crystal clear about your need for mentoring. Don’t take it just for the sake of doing it.  Identify the factors, reasons, driving you to take the support of expert people. Startup incubators have human resources, capital, knowledge base, and host of other important things to support new business, companies.     
Are you hiring the right mentor 
You should know whom you are hiring, why you are hiring??? Verification of the credentials too is very important. Don’t just blindly trust an expert organization. Verify its credentials before hiring it for your services. 
How much equity are you willing to forfeit 
Right at the beginning, you should decide how much equity you want to forfeit against the services imparted to your dream company. It entirely depends on negotiation, company to company. Basis your company, your requirement, you can decide on the share of the service provider.

Any other thing you are anticipating
startup incubatorBesides, you should know, what sort of development you are anticipating from the expert team you are about to hire. You will find some companies, offering support just for the sake of support, they wouldn’t help you wholeheartedly. That doesn’t mean market lacks serious players.  There are companies who will adapt your dream company as a baby, offering end to end solutions, leading your dream startup towards growth. In fact to be precise, you are looking for such a partner.                        
Explore Innovify     
Your search for a reliable partner with rich experience in mentoring startup ends at Innovify!!!  We are a leading startup incubator, having supported many new enterprises in accomplishing their strategic goals.

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