Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Successful Growth Assurance with Startup Incubator Tactics

As an entrepreneur, establishing your pet startup as a brand always falls on your top agenda. And why not??? After all, you are investing your time, hard earned money, resources.

Does the Reality Check?

However, as an awakening soul, you just can’t push the reality under the carpet. What’s that reality??? The reality is-about 75% of all new businesses fail to surmount the cut throat market competition, compelling them to shut down their shop.

A research by leading business school, Harvard Business School throws painful data pertaining to new businesses. The research shows 75% of all startups fail to survive the crowded market’s challenging competition, forcing closure of the business. You just can’t undermine the dreadful statistics as it was a comprehensive research conducted by world’s elite business school, the Harvard Business School.

Startup Incubator to Transform Your New Business

As happens in sports-if you want to become a successful footballer, you need an outstanding coach, mentor. In the similar fashion, if you want your new business to do well, grab new as well as repeat customers, become a brand, you require mentorship under an established startup incubator.

It’s a wonderful concept evolved over a period of time, which is swiftly gaining momentum. Many of you many not know what does that mean??? In plain language-its mutual program developed between a service provider (startup incubator and service receiver (new business) to enable startup succeed.

A professionally qualified team with rich experience in helping new businesses grows; establish themselves as a brand work in collaboration with the founder, head honcho of new business, enabling his/ her dream take shape on ground.  That’s the most significant objective!!!

What does it Offer?

Here is the list of services:
  • Support in creating a board of directors
  • Provide support in accounting/ financial management assistance
  • Guide in accumulating capital, bank loans
  • Provide support in developing relevant document
  • Support in sales and marketing
  • Support in nurturing business etiquette
  • Support in exploring collaboration
  • Sharing comprehensive training
  • Help in exploring mentors
  • Provide assistance in business basics
  • Help in exploring networking opportunities
  • Support in with regulatory compliance
  • Provide support in intellectual property management and legal counsel

Innovify is a leading startup incubator, enabling new businesses in realizing their goals. A technically qualified team work in cohesion with the founders, top management of the startup, helping them in successfully scaling up.

Leveraging our expertise, many new businesses, companies, institutes are swiftly establishing themselves as a brand.

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