Sunday, 9 November 2014

Business Graduates Excel through Startup Incubator

Like it or not, bootstrapping sucks! Why? Sowing seed is one thing, while nurturing it to a full-fledged tree is absolutely different. Hell lots of challenges are involved in turning a startup into a successful business.

Management schools including leading ones produce thousands of business graduates every year. Majority of them become part of rat race, joining prominent companies, which shell out fat pay cheques. Who doesn’t like hefty salary? However, there is a breed of business graduates that doesn’t follow the rat race, conventional career ladder; they are the people who love starting their own company.

For such a breed start up incubator is a blessing in disguise. The new age methodology is not less than a miracle for students, upcoming businessmen, and new companies’ founders. And why not!
Many students who were running from pillar to post to find a launching pad for their dream idea, concept, and company are now a successful businessman, courtesy – startup incubator.

Let’s Unravel the Mystery behind the New Age Phenomenon

Startup incubator is custom-made for business graduates on the lookout for a platform to accomplish their dream of heading a successful business.

Industry experts have defined the modern phenomenon as an amalgamation of a range of business development processes, techniques developed and designed to promote the new companies. One of the main objectives of this system is to – enable the new company in establishing as a brand.

Many fresh business graduates attribute success of their new company to startup incubator.
Business graduates aiming to make it big in the business sector with their new company must keep in view startling findings of a global business school.

As per the research of the Harvard Business School – about 75% of the startup companies are compelled to shut their shops as they fail to encounter the tough market competition. This shows the volatility of the market.

Bootstrapping sucks, however, with guidance, mentorship business graduates can do what they intend to do.

Come In the Lap of Innovify

As a research scholar, working on incubators, I can recommend their usage to business graduates. Innovify, a company with hands-on experience in the genre is enabling many business graduates in coming up with a successful company. Come in their fold and see the difference!!!
Innovify takes pride in having an outstanding team of professionals onboard, who bring with them scintillating experience of defining the destiny of thousands of business graduates. You could be the next!

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